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Thank you for your purchase at Tiles Flooring & Bathroom Centre.

Due to the nature of our business we do not except returns or refunds for change of mind or incorrect colour/ style made by the purchaser.


Terms and Conditions of Sale:

1.    Subject to Tiles, Flooring & Bathroom Centre’s full condition of sale.

2.    No refund/claims will be accepted after 21 days.

3.    20% handling fee applies to all returns.

4.    No refunds on adhesives/grouts or fixing materials.

5.    Shades no longer in stock will not be accepted for returns.

6.    No external suppliers goods will be accepted for returns.

7.    ALL MEASUREMENTS ARE AN ESTIMATE ONLY. The purchaser assumes the responsibility for ordering the correct quantities.

8.    Refunds for faulty items only. No refunds for change of mind or incorrect item purchased. In this instance a 'Credit Note' may be issued at the discretion of Tiles Flooring & Bathroom.

9. Customers are responsible for ensuring products are correct and fit for purpose before installation. No refund or credit will be approved after installation of products.


1. A quotation given by TILES, FLOORING & BATHROOM CENTRE {here in after called the seller) is not an offer to sell, and no order given in respect hereof shall bind the seller until accepted by them in writing but any such order so accepted in respect of any of the goods quoted, to such order so accepted in respect of any of the goods quoted, to such quotation shall be deemed to be given and accepted upon such terms and conditions herein. Verbal understandings in respect of price, delivery and/or any condition cannot be recognised.



1. If the purchaser requires delivery of goods, the seller shall be deemed to have made delivery of the goods sold and the purchaser shall be deemed to have accepted the same when the goods leave the seller's store or warehouse. Any entry onto private property in the course of delivery shall be at the purchaser's risk and purchase indemnifies the seller from all liability in respect of any damage to public or private property injury or wrong whatsoever and howsoever caused thereby.


2. All deliveries shall be with the carrier nominated by the seller or the seller's own carrier in the event of the purchaser requiring delivery by the seller and any abnormal charges thereof, whether due to conditions beyond the control of the seller or otherwise shall be charged to the purchaser.


3. Where the seller makes arrangements for delivery with the purchaser's carrier the seller shall be acting as the purchaser's agent only until such time as the goods are deemed to be accepted by the purchaser as provided aforesaid and thereafter the purchaser shall assume full liability in respect of any claims made by the carrier of third parties in relation to the carriage and including claims in relation to actions of the seller whilst acting as the purchaser's agent.


4. Each instalment of goods delivered shall be the subject of a separate contract and shall constitute a separate debt due to the seller


5. The seller may at its discretion insure any order during delivery where purchaser requires delivery to be made by the seller including insurance for such risks and with such insurer as the seller elects, such insurance to be at purchaser's expense.


6. Not withstanding the non-passing of property a buyer is still responsible if goods are lost while under his control.


7. Goods in transit from time leaving out store, are at the buyer's risk, and are not insured unless specifically requested.



1. Cancellation of orders by the purchaser must be notified in writing Purchaser shall be liable for any loss suffered by the seller and shall bear any handling charges resulting from cancellation. Seller may cancel any order either orally or in writing prior to delivery if it is unable to supply the goods ordered.



1. The Customer acknowledges it is essential that the Products be laid or installed strictly in accordance with the manufacturer's directions and guidelines and the relevant Australian Standard. It is the Customer's responsibility to ensure that this is done, and the seller will have no responsibility for Products failure caused by non-observance or any such directions, guidelines and standards.


2. Save in the case of paving bricks, slate, terracotta and retaining wall products. the Customer acknowledges that he/she has received or will receive the manufacturer's directions and guidelines for installation and use of the Products.


3. The Customer acknowledges that: (a) he/she does not rely in any way on the seller in relation to the use, fixing, installation or incorporation of the Products; and (b) the seller has no responsibility for the works of any tradespersons in the installation of the Products, whether or not the seller may have recommended a tradesperson to the Customer. (c) Once tiles have been laid, the tiles have been deemed to be accepted.




1. Subject to the provisions of clause 2 under this heading the seller warrants that all goods sold will conform to the description on the face hereof and that such goods will be free from defect in material and workmanship and subject to clause 2 under this heading such warranties in lieu of and exclude all other warranties expressly implied by operation of law otherwise including any warranty of fitness or guarantee of performance. The purchaser shall inspect the said goods immediately on the arrival thereof and shall within seven (7) days from such inspection give written notice to the seller of any matter or thing by reason whereof he may allege that the goods are not in accordance with the contract. If the purchaser shall tail to give such notice the said goods shall be deemed to be in all respects in accordance with the contract and the purchaser shall be bound to accept and pay for the same accordingly. The seller shall have the right either to replace any defective materials. to refund the purchase price upon return of the materials or to grant a reasonable allowance on account of such defects and the seller's liability and the purchaser's exclusive remedy shall be limited by the purchaser to replacement, refund or allowance as seller may elect. Seller in no event shall be liable for consequential specialor contingent damages. Seller shall be given reasonable opportunity to investigate all claims


2. Nothing in these terms and conditions shall exclude, restrict or modify and conditions, warranties, rights or liabilities which may at any time be implied in this agreement by any State or Commonwealth Law or otherwise applicable hereto including but without limiting the generally of the foregoing the conditions and warranties implied under the Trace Practices Act, 1974, where to do so would render any provision void or unenforceable.


3. Subject to clauses 1 and 2 under this heading purchaser acknowledges that due to the manufacturing process of tiles crazing and variation in colour are unavoidable and that the seller not guarantee against crazing of tiles or warrant consistency or colour.


4. No warranty given with the supply of adhesives.


5. No claims will be considered after seven days from receipt of goods for faulty material.




1. It is understood that the purchaser agrees to the terms and conditions herein and on the face hereof. Any conflicting inconsistent or additional terms or conditions expressed or implied are excluded whether or not contained in any document submitted by the purchaser. Where any order (whether oral or written) is placed with the seller or its accredited representative or agent on the basis or the seller's quotation the seller may acknowledge and accept the order in writing or orally but suchacceptance shall be deemed to be subject to the terms and conditions herein provided that the seller shall not be bound by any estimate after the lapse of thirty (30) days of the date of any quotation.


2. The waiver by the seller of any term provision or condition herein shall not be construed to be a waiver of any other term, condition or provision or any subsequentbranch thereof. 3. Allquotations and price lists are subject to alteration or withdrawal without notice. 4. Goods are sold as is, where is, and allowances are made for returns.



1. All goods and services are to the paid for before supply

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