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KDK600 Back To Wall Rimless Short Projection Toilet Suite Without Ledge/Landing Pad.

Back/Left and Right Bottom Inlet Cistern (AV600C/KDK600C)

Rimless Flush Pan (AV600P/KDK600P)


Compact Easy Height

4.5/3 Liters Dual Flush

Size: 605*375*875mm

Trap-100: 100-145mm (Supplied)

Seat Cover: 1064-5.5 (Supplied)

Seat Cover Bracket Code: K064-5.5

Standard Press Button: PB-S


Trap-60: 60-95mm

JT43: 150-185mm

P-Trap: 180mm

UF Standard Seat SC804

Geberit Cistern: AV600C-G

Avis Rimless Compact Toilet Specification

More Press Buttons Choi

KDK600 Full Rimless - Short Projection Toilet Suite No Ledge/Landing Pad #12

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